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Our Courses & Trainings

Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Experienced

Because they are designed to create rapid and sustainable results…

A combination you simply can't get from books, podcasts, videos,
or even 1-on-1 coaching alone.

You are an active participant

in our trainings from Day One, Hour One.

This means you won't just be attending another boring seminar or workshop.

Our live training
consist of…

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Interactive Lectures

Learn how to speak & live the language of leadership from your world-renowned Trainers. Unlike boring seminars, all lectures are interactive and highly entertaining.


Experiential Exercises

You’ll be guided through a variety of engaging, experiential exercises that involve movement, music, meditation, and more!

These exercises are meant to get you out of your comfort zone to expand your comfort zone.

Through these exercises, you will…

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Uncover the underlying limiting beliefs shaping your daily life.

Break through the barriers holding you back.

Master how you respond to stressful situations.

Transform how you relate to yourself and others.


Sharing & Feedback

During Level 1 & Level 2, you will have the opportunity to share about your most significant life experiences, as well as what is and is not working in your life currently…

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Live EQ Leadership

Designed to give you the tools to create an extraordinary life. This is Emotional Intelligence training like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

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Virtual EQ Training

Delivering our ground-breaking emotional intelligence training to the world….digitally. What if you could experience a life-changing transformation from where you are sitting right now?

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Exclusively for ALA Graduates!

You’re up to big things and your vision matters. You completed your Level 3 journey in ALA. 
Now what?

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Grace is a weekend experience for women to embody the fullest expression of self and celebrate one another! Rediscover your feminine power and fall more deeply in love with YOU.

Warrior's Council

The modern man is asked to be many things, but rarely is there a trusting space for men to just be all sides of themselves amongst other men without fear of being judged.

Warrior’s Council is a weekend for men to be amongst other men and discover, together, the balance of power within.

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The Relationships Training is a powerful opportunity to create a breakthrough in ALL of your relationships.

Whether you’re in a partnership or desiring one, want to deepen your connection with friends and loved ones, or simply desire a better relationship with yourself.

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& Prosperity

You deserve to be ABUNDANT and PROSPER in all areas of your life: Time, Energy, Relationships, Finances, Health, Mental 
and Spiritual Well-Being.
In this powerful workshop with 
world-renowned trainer, Chris Lee, you will create POWERFUL roadmaps to guide you through all of these areas for the next 10 years of your life!

Epic Results

 Leaders Like You Have Achieved…

Lauren Taus

Lauren Taus


“My experience in ALA ignited deeper levels of leadership in my life by removing my defenses.

ALA as opened me to greater commitment, courage and a thirst for feedback. Because of ALA, I am always seeking to improve in an honest way.”

Lucas Mack

Lucas Mack

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcast Host

“ALA was the first time I ever experienced unconditional love which allowed me to feel safe enough

“ALA was the first time I ever experienced unconditional love which allowed me to feel safe enough to tell my story and face my pain in a way that led to the emotional freedom I was searching for. Thank you to my ALA family.”

Derek Chock

Derek Chock

Life Coach

“When I entered the training, I was lost. I was unhappy with my career, and I was unfulfilled in my life.

Because I had the courage to step through those doors and take a real hard look at my life and work on myself, I was able to not only graduate the program, I thrived! And I found an incredibly supportive community.”

Rolland Slade

Rolland Slade

Lead Pastor, Meridian Baptist Church

“ALA supported me in finding my voice & becoming the person I was born to be.

I had lost that 20+ years ago, but didn't know it. I was chasing a legacy rather than living the moment. ALA opened my heart to the possibilities & to set my intention to live MY life rather than someone else's.”

Alice Chen

Alice Chen

SAP Systems Analyst

“What I have learned from ALA has shifted the way I think about my vision for my life.

I now realize that I can be anything, empower anyone, and have unreasonable courage to take a stand for anything I see possible as well as standing for our colleagues and customers during challenging times.”

Nathan Cryder

Nathan Cryder

Managing Partner & Co-Founder

“I can now say as a Level 3 graduate that signing up was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

There were more great takeaways than I could possibly list here, but one of the most powerful was that we should never judge others, because we have no idea what shaped them until we’ve taken the time to really listen and connect with them. Once we do, it’s almost impossible not to see them in an entirely new, much more empathetic light. ALA was--by a wide margin-- the most impactful leadership program I’ve ever taken part in.”

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