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If you’re reading up on us, chances are, you’re a pretty dang good fit. People who attend our trainings all have one thing in common: They know that they are meant for more, or that could be doing more with their life. And they want to step into that future version of themselves now. Whether it’s their relationships, their work, their wealth, their passion project, whether their clear or not on what more means, people who love our trainings are people who know there is a better version of themselves they aren’t fully embodying yet. We’re going to help you get there.

ALA trainings are for people who know the power and necessity of Emotional Intelligence in all areas of life, and want to go deeper developing their own EQ. Even if you think you know everything about EQ and personal development, and you’ve done five other trainings, listened to 2,000 podcasts, we’re here to help you experience it in really impactful ways so what you learn sticks. ALA is for people who are ready to take on a challenge in order to get results. You know from experience that challenge has brought you the deepest transformation in your life, and you’re ready to level up in pursuit of your highest goals.

All of our in-person trainings are currently in Austin, Texas. We do offer some virtual options if traveling is not an option for you, but we hope you can party with us in Austin!!

ALA trainings are rooted in the principles of EST & Wener Erhard, known as The Father of Self-Help. The EST process is designed to help people discover through experience, rather than analysis, taking a much more immersive and hands-on approach to making positive, high impact change in your life. ALA has modernized this type of training for leaders and people who want to make a real impact in their world.

We’ve had everyone from 18 years old to 90 years young attend our tranings! If you’re at a place in life where you want to grow, you are in the right place.

You can expect to be challenged. You can expect to meet amazing people, and be supported by an incredible team of trainers and leaders. You can expect an immersive, experiential deep dive into Emotional Intelligence strategies and tactics that can improve all areas of your life. You can expect to experience big changes.

We have three great options for you!

#1 Take our Leadership Style Quiz to learn about your unique leadership style and discover & leverage your unique strengths while uncovering what challenges stand in between you and being the most effective leader you can be.
#2 Speak to one of our graduates to learn more about ALA, our trainings, and get supported!
#3 Dive in and register for any of our upcoming trainings!

We’d love to be, but don’t you need one leader? We have too many leaders to choose from 😉 KIDDING! OF COURSE NOT! There’s nothing we’re asking you to believe in or buy into here, other than believing and buying into yourself and your own vision. People might confuse us with a cult because our people are just so passionate about how ALA has supported their lives, and want others to go through this training to support theirs too! So unlike most cults, we only have a few trainings to choose from, nowhere for you to live permanently, and we definitely let you go to the bathroom during our sessions, so we’re going to go with NO, not a cult. We’re more like a life-changing personal development training or retreat where you meet amazing people and transform your life along the way 🙂 Plus, you can’t graduate from a cult! Once you graduate you’re kicked out of the nest and you get to go live your best life and fly higher than you’ve ever flown before!

Lol. No. No one’s getting paid to enroll you in ALA, so that immediately disqualifies us right there. Sure, our people are passionate about ALA, and if you ask them about it, they will definitely tell you all about ALA! But we intentionally make a point of telling people to not sell ALA. We’re here to answer questions when you’re ready to make a decision for yourself. No one’s pushing, No one’s selling. You are in charge of your own decisions.

If you want to have a piece of paper in a frame, we can absolutely give that to you! But ALA is the school of life and our trainings provide you with the tools and transformation you need to succeed. What we offer is more effective and more awesome than any college degree you could ever receive, at a fraction of the price.

If you absolutely cannot attend the dates for Level 2 or Level 3 of your ATX Training, you are welcome to join Level 2 or Level 3 of any of the upcoming training.

It’s simple: We want you to show up open, fully present, and authentically YOU. If we told you the details of the exercises we take you through, you’d probably think about them beforehand, maybe rehearse in your head, and then make yourself nervous about doing them ‘right’. Yes, not knowing exactly what’s coming requires some trust, and we hope we have earned your trust to guide you through our trainings. We want you to have THE best and most profound experience possible. If you have more questions for us, why not talk to a ALA graduate, who we lovingly refer to as Angels? They are happy to chat with you on a phone call or answer any email questions you have. If you head to our Speak to An Angel Page, you can meet some ALA Angels and decide who you’d love to speak with!

Let’s put it this way: When you find something incredible that works for you, don’t you want to share it with the people you love, or really everyone? ALA delivers not just an incredible experience, but incredible results. Our people are passionate leaders that have made real, amazing, transformational shifts in their lives as a result of going through our trainings, and want to see a world where even more people are empowered with higher degrees of leadership and EQ. We know this makes the world a better place, and THAT’S what we all would love to see.

People join our trainings at all different points in their lives. Often, it’s at the recommendation of a friend, colleague, or loved one that starts their exploration of ALA. If you’re at a point in your life where you’re craving growth, or are ready for a new adventure, if you see opportunities to expand or change your ways to make life better, it’s a great time to go through an ALA training to support your goals and your vision.

There’s a lot of transformational leadership trainings out there that bond people together for a weekend, and that leave people feeling on fire for a few days after. But that’s where it normally ends. ALA is an intimate EQ Leadership training that creates sustainable change you will feel for the rest of your life. We cap our trainings at 80 people, and depending on the time of year, will have groups anywhere between 40-80. This allows us to go deeper, and build meaningful connections that last. As a part of our trainings, our intimate group is actually here to hold you accountable to the goals you say you want to reach. We all want the best for each individual person, whatever that is, and are “maniacs on a mission” to help you get there.

ALA’s a vehicle to your vision for yourself and your life. Like any vehicle, there are many options. You can choose the vehicle that is held together by duct tape and will break down on the way to your destination. That’s entirely up to you! But ALA is a luxury vehicle to your dreams. We’re reliable and we’re fast. Plus, you’re given a ridiculous amount of training, coaching, and support throughout the experience. The value you receive truly is nowhere near the investment you make.

The reason it is so inexpensive is because we don’t want people’s limiting beliefs around money to get in the way of them having access to the best of the best. That’s why we have set a price point that makes our EQ Leadership Training stretchy yet attainable. We believe in the power of investing in yourself and having that breakthrough. For some people, this is a huge investment. For others, it’s literally nothing. It’s all about perspective. But we do want to make sure that there is that opportunity for you to have some skin in the game to make sure that you’re investing in yourself.