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Mary Jo Foster

Mary Jo Foster is an accomplished facilitator/coach and a Self Mastery Mentor of all those who seek their next level. She has over 20 years of experience working with individuals and over a decade of facilitating dynamic group encounters all over the United States, Mexico, Peru and Africa.

She uses her intuition and deep connection with the human spirit to support others in developing their inner compass and creating successful energetic lives. Her book “Practical Inspirations” has had enormous success in each reader meeting themselves to be more effective in the life they want.

As well as facilitating the Relationships weekend, Mary Jo also facilitates Leadership Weekends, Grace For Women, Warriors Council and is the Master Trainer for the Torch Foundation – facilitating with teens.

Mary Jo uses her gifts and continual development of her skills to forward all she encounters. 

She is a compassionate mirror, a stealth truth seeker, and is passionate about living vibrantly.