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Krista Petty

Coach. Trainer. Evocateur. Possibilitarian.

Krista Petty has a dynamic presence and intuitive capacity which has caught the attention of high-level coaches, leaders, executives, and diplomats. She is an international trainer who has created and facilitated workshops in leadership, personal mastery, coaching coaches, and building high-caliber teams. Over the course of 27 years’ experience, she has developed an arsenal of experience, tools, and processes that empowers both individuals and teams to access and enhance their inherent greatness.

She believes there is an innate wisdom in the body that can open us to greater possibilities of living, loving and learning. Through her body-centered coaching, she is passionate about championing others to move beyond limitations and live a life they love! She has devoted her skills and talents to creating experiential learning environments that evoke the depth and greater dimensions of human being. This is her life’s work. What an amazing dance!

Krista Petty Raimer is the CEO and Founder of Boldly Embody Life. She lives in Seattle, Washington and brings her power-house coaching and phenomenal workshops to various cities and countries around the world.

There is, quite simply, no one quite like Krista Petty.