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Leadership Training

Our emotional intelligence training is designed to give you the
tools to create an extraordinary life

Lauren Taus

Lauren Taus


“My experience in ALA ignited deeper levels of leadership in my life by removing my defenses.

ALA as opened me to greater commitment, courage and a thirst for feedback. Because of ALA, I am always seeking to improve in an honest way.”

Lucas Mack

Lucas Mack

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcast Host

“ALA was the first time I ever experienced unconditional love which allowed me to feel safe enough

“ALA was the first time I ever experienced unconditional love which allowed me to feel safe enough to tell my story and face my pain in a way that led to the emotional freedom I was searching for. Thank you to my ALA family.”

Alice Chen

Alice Chen

SAP Systems Analyst

“What I have learned from ALA has shifted the way I think about my vision for my life.

I now realize that I can be anything, empower anyone, and have unreasonable courage to take a stand for anything I see possible as well as standing for our colleagues and customers during challenging times.”

Carine Garcia

Carine Garcia

Fitness Professional

“During level 1 & 2, I was able to uncover and have an awareness of the limiting beliefs that had been locked deep within me.

I was able to have massive breakthroughs in many areas of my life and in my awareness of myself and how I was showing up in the world. Level 3 created this unique environment of accountability where I could put into practical application a way of challenging my limiting beliefs while shifting, growing and expanding myself and stepping into what is truly possible for my life.”

Stephanie Coleman

Stephanie Coleman


Without this program, I would not have been able to not only recognize my power, but be able to truly own it and stand in it fully.

And because of this, I have been able to make some major changes in my life and career, improve my relationships and live a life that makes me happy.

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